Extensions for your Mind

What did you do in the last 3 days?

Do you remember your life 3 months ago?

What about your future plans?

The stressful feeling that everything is changing rapidly is the result of a mental mismatch.

This mismatch is between what our brains can process and the new environment in which we live. This causes never ending stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

We are not well-adapted to the new environment: Digital Modernity.

The popular solution to this is the good old digital detox.

It’s not a practical solution since your life depends on technology.

Don’t believe me?

Try to live the next 7 days without using the internet, your smartphone, and your laptop. Or just 24 hours.

So what’s the solution to this mental mismatch?

How can we balance the need to immerse ourselves in the opportunities of the new world with the need for a calm, stress-free life?

Before we can answer this question, let me introduce you to the idea of being brainbound.

Brainbound vs Extended

Being brainbound means relying on your biological brain to process reality.

Being extended means using tools external to your brain to help you make sense of everything.

Traditional personal development focuses on developing capabilities like focus, memory and discipline.

While helpful in many scenarios, those will not solve the mental mismatch with this virtual environment we live in.

Brainbound thinking has to change.

Using extensions for your mind will bridge the gap.

The Risk

What’s the risk of not using mind extensions?

I will answer it using a few questions:

What’s the risk of:

  • going into the wild without a survival kit?
  • going into the cold without winter gear?
  • navigating a foreign city without a GPS?
  • attempting a complex math problem without a calculator?
  • driving in an unfamiliar area without a navigation system?
  • running a marathon without proper running shoes?

You get the point.

Not using mind extensions in this digital age is like trying to read a book in the dark. You might be able to make sense of a few words here and there, but the overall comprehension will be greatly hampered.

Essential Survival Kit - EDC

There’s a huge selection of Mind Extensions for you to pick from. But a few of them are essential for survival in a digital environment.

  1. Task Manager to manage your actions
  2. Calendar to manage meetings, appointments, and events
  3. Note Taker to manage data, knowledge, and information

Once you take full control of your day to day life with your Everyday Digital Carry, you will have enough mental space to zoom out and take care of your life from a bird’s eye view.

A Dashboard to manage your accounts, processes, and goals will come in handy.

It’s normal to feel constant stress when you’re trying to force your brain to do mechanical tasks like managing hundreds of tasks and analyzing dozens of notes without any tech support.

However it’s not normal is to live this way. We cannot survive the digital modernity by using pre-historic brains.

I invite you to join the Extended Revolution and live a Noiseless life.

Elite Digitalist

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